Our Company’s maintenance and repairs department staffed by confident and dedicated skilled Workforce, equipped with all the necessary up to date tools, thus provide and maintaining Industries like Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generations, Conforming the industries’ standards. Our endeavors stem from the Company’s Principals and Strategic Commitments for the industry. In doing so, PHK will be able to Provide Preventive maintenance programs, thus being a leader in the Middle East and CIS countries.

However, the extent of services provided is as follow;

  • Programming and providing supervision role in the implementation of Overhaul maintenance of industrial units
  • Training Programmes for industrial machines and equipment repairs
  • Repairs to essential auxiliary machineries
  • Repairs to DCS and FCS Control Systems and Related Communication Protocols
  • Maintenance and up keeping of various types of devices such as Sensors, Transmitters and Monitors
  • Repair works to all types of laboratories Apparatus and Analyzers
  • Mending and maintenance works to all varieties of pumps and convertors
  • Maintenance and Repairs to Tank Gauging Radar and Field Instruments
  • Supervision in Repair operations of Precision Instrumentations
  • Fabrication of Parts and Components in Compliance with Technical and Detailed Drawings and or Samples
  • Supervisions in procedures leading to Industrial Valves Repairs
  • Supervisions in Overhauling, Installation and Testing of Electrical Systems and Devices in Projects
  • Supervisions over operational Repairs of Fire Alarms, and Electrical Facilities
  • Obtaining Accreditations, Certifications and repair check list for equipment / devices
  • Providing procedures for systems maintenance and repairs.
  • Programming and designing sets of procedures for controlling day to day repair operations and overhauling