The group, which formed the Phakarin (PHK), incorporated as a Proprietary limited in Rayong , Thailand back in year 1998. Its founder began his commercial and operation activities under legal entity and family structure.

At first, The Company concentrated on limited operations to supply devices and parts for Control systems and pneumatics, also provided limited maintenance and repairs. The Company’s objectives were also to promote and introduce its capabilities to the wider industrial sectors such as, Petrochemicals, Refineries, and other Organizations both Governmental and Private…

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One of our biggest strength is to help your requirements through the supply of the wide range of products that is required for your industry, with a very experienced team of engineers we are here to support your core business.

Our Company’s maintenance and repairs department staffed by confident and dedicated skilled workforce, equipped with all the necessary up to date tools, thus provide and maintaining industries like Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generations, conforming the industries’ standards. Our endeavors stem from the Company’s principals and strategic commitments for the industry. In doing so, PHK will be able to provide preventive maintenance programs, thus being a leader in the Middle East and CIS countries.

In 2019, Phakarin entered to a new scope of business which was relatively very challenging and was in line with our vision to touch human lives. To contribute to the vision of our company we acquired the agency for one of the world’s top ten gadgets that could be helpful in human lives, NASA developed, worlds first Class 2 FDA approved air sanitizer was introduced with the name of Airocide.

To support your requirements we have acquired the agencies for globally renowned brands to help your requirements with worlds best quality, warrantee, aftersales services and of course pocket friendly.